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Supplier Spotlight: The Cotswold Brewing Company

This is the first of our "Supplier Spotlight" where we will be showcasing one of the many wonderful businesses we support here at No.3.

Established over 15 years ago by Rick and Emma Keene, The Cotswold Brewing Company - located just outside of Bourton on the Water - is one of the oldest independent lager microbreweries in the UK, with one of the most diverse portfolio of lagers in Great Britain too.

Their aim was to brew lagers to the same standards as those in Germany and Belgium using a classic process, while added their own twists and developing brewing methods to enhance natural flavours.

What they have created is nothing short of exceptional.

We really wanted a local premium lager to compliment some of the food at No.3 and knew that the Cotswold Brewing Company had a fantastic reputation. Elliott's old school friend Jake is the Account Manager at the brewery so we pick his brains and tap into his knowledge about each lager!

We stock their Cotswold Premium Lager (5% ABV) and the hugely popular Cotswold IPA (5.2% ABV), both of which are full of depth and flavour. Their lagers only contain four ingredients; water, hops, malt and yeast and are "lagered" (cold stored) for at least 4 weeks which gives them their natural carbonation. They are also all vegan and don't have any additives, preservatives or pasteurisation.

If you would like to find out more about the brilliant Cotswold Brewing Company, please visit their website -

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